Ends on July 8, 2019

  Poetry submissions are limited up to five poems. Please indicate stanza breaks when the text extends beyond a single page. Emerging poets (those who have not yet published a full-length book of poems) will automatically be considered for the Bea Gonzalez Prize for Poetry. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel the Prize should funding not be available.

Poems should be submitted as a single document. Please start each poem on a new page. Include a biographical statement (not a CV) including details of your past residency in Upstate New York. If more than five poems are submitted by the same person, Stone Canoe editors will review only the first five poems received.

Note: The poet must have a first-person connection to Upstate New York, but the poem(s) submitted can be about anything at all. The work does not need to involve New York State. Examples of qualifying connections include but are not limited to: being born here, even if you moved away later; going to college at an upstate school such as SUNY Binghamton, Ithaca College, Syracuse University, etc.; working in the area currently or at some point in the past. If you are uncertain if you meet this criterion, please feel free to contact stonecanoe@syracuseymca.org for consideration of your particular situation.

Please indicate if your work has been submitted simultaneously to another publication. You may include your name on the piece.